When is the best time to buy a car?

Buying a car is something you shouldn't rush into. It is essential to choose the brand, model, and configuration. It would be best if you decide a good time when the purchase will be as profitable as possible. Furthermore, it is believed that the end of the year is the best time to buy a car. Holidays, discounts, and dealers need to sell cars. But it is worth considering that certain days and weeks when purchasing will be as profitable as possible. Therefore, let's figure out when it is better to buy a car.

The three best moments for buying a new car

Year and month are of great importance when buying a car. But few people know that even the day of the week and the time play a significant role.


As strange as it sounds, Monday can be the best day to buy a car. Usually, everyone is busy with their affairs and work. Therefore, dealers offer discounts and bonuses to everyone who enters the salon. In addition, the artisans are not overloaded with work. Consequently, you will be able to get additional service for almost nothing or even free of charge.

End of the month, regular and model year

You can get excellent offers from car dealerships at the end of the year. Dealers should close their quotas. Because of this, they hold promotions and discounts.

You can also get a good offer before the new car is released. The salon needs to get rid of old models, which is why they offer fantastic discounts. The new model will not always be better, so it is worth looking at previous versions.


Dealers offer significant discounts for the holidays. The following days are ideal for buying a car:

  • President's Day. At the beginning of the year, salons must attract customers' attention. It is a great time to ask for a discount or extra service.

  • Memorial Day. It is infrequent to buy a reasonably priced car in the summer. But until Memorial Day, salons make great offers. It is due to the market entry of new models.

  • Fourth of July. You can find great deals on America's Independence Day. But if you do not have an urgent purchase, it is better to wait for a little.

  • Labor Day. According to statistics, this holiday accounts for 2% of total car sales. It is not just like that.

  • Black Friday. A day when everyone offers discounts, and dealers are no exception. It is on this day that you can get an excellent offer. But you should not delay for a long time. There may be quite a lot of people willing to renew the car.

  • New Year weekend. At the end of the year, dealers must close their quotas. Therefore, they will lure customers with great offers and bonuses.

It is also worth following the personal offers of dealers. Discounts can be on the opening day or the salon's establishment date. It is a great option to buy a car at a reasonable price.


Tips for getting a good deal from a dealer

You must prepare for this process regardless of when you buy a car. It is essential to analyze the financial situation, evaluate the credit history and understand whether they will be able to issue a loan to purchase a vehicle.

You can often find offers below zero percent. But they are only available to people with a perfect credit rating. If you have late or missed payments, be prepared to charge interest.

It is essential to pay attention to discount offers. It will help to save significantly.

Before buying a car, you should review your credit history and consider how it can improve. It will help you understand how much you can claim.

Features of buying a car in 2022

Due to the coronavirus, the cost of transport has increased significantly. Experts predict an improvement in 2023.

Research shows that the average value of a car is approximately $46,259. In 2021, it was 11.5% lower. Unfortunately, producing a sufficient amount of products is impossible, so waiting is better.

Features of buying a car in 2022

Now dealers are trying to sell cars somehow. Despite the discounts and special offers, the average car price increased by $1,102. People are even ready to overpay to get their transport.

Until the shortage is over, the price will not fall. If you still decide to buy a car, you should act quickly. There is not enough supply on the market to satisfy the needs of all buyers. If you require a vehicle, be prepared to pay a higher price.


Buying a car should be considered carefully. It is precisely the kind of situation where time helps. Despite the high prices, it is still worth waiting for holidays and sales. Correctly selected time will help save several thousand dollars. Therefore, it is better to wait and carefully follow the news from dealers.

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