Is Pet Insurance Worth It? We’ve Got the Pros and Cons

Everyone knows that life, car, and real estate insurance are essential. But few have heard of pet insurance. However, such a service exists and is even popular. Don't worry if you have a furry pet and haven't insured it, don't worry. Only 26% of pet owners have an insurance policy. However, considering how much money is needed for care and treatment, you should consider whether is pet insurance worth it. About 200 dollars must be paid for the treatment and care of the animal. This amount is approximate because everything depends on the animal's age, breed, and many factors. To treat sudden injuries or illnesses, you will have to pay from 800 to 2500 dollars, or even more.

Pet owners are familiar with the experience when a furry friend suddenly becomes ill. Veterinary services are pretty expensive, especially emergency ones. It has left almost every pet owner wondering if should I get pet insurance, to make things easier.

Before taking out a policy, you should consider the pet insurance pros and cons. This will help to understand insurance specifics and whether it is necessary.

What is pet insurance?

First, you should understand how pet insurance works. Most policies cover the costs of:

  • treatment of various diseases;

  • injuries that occurred due to an accident;

  • animal care;

  • burial or cremation.

It is worth noting that the insurance does not take effect immediately. First, you need to pay the deductible. Moreover, all pet treatments will have to be paid for in full. The company will then reimburse all costs. Depending on the type of insurance, it can be either 20% or 100%.

Before you understand whether is pet health insurance worth it, you need to calculate the cost of the policy. It depends on the type of pet, breed, and age. An important role is played by the profitability of a cat or dog.

You will need to make payments every month. On average, dog insurance costs $49.50. If you can afford to spend that amount, you should read about the pros and cons of pet insurance.

Benefits of furry friend insurance

If you are still hesitating about whether is dog insurance worth it, it is worth reading about all the advantages of such a decision.

First. Lots of choices

Companies offer different insurance options. You can choose the whole package or compensation in case of a hereditary disease. Knowing the state of health of your pet, it is very easy to decide whether is pet insurance worth it for indoor cat.

Second. Low payments for young animals

There are policies with a reasonably low premium for young animals. Thanks to this, you can purchase a policy against excess overpayments. If you have a young and playful pet, then whether is pet insurance worth it for a dog, it is resolved positively.

The third. Franchises available

Almost every insurance has a deductible. After its full payment, you will be able to receive compensation for treatment. If you have an emergency visit to the vet, you can pay the full deductible and get paid. Thanks to modern technologies, it is still possible to do.

The fourth. You can choose a veterinarian

Insurance compensation can only be obtained under the condition of treatment by a licensed veterinarian. Such a specialist will provide the necessary assistance and uses modern drugs. Plus, you can sign a contract with a doctor. Thanks to this, it will not be required to look for a new veterinarian and always carry a medical card with you.

Fifth. The best service for your pet

If you're still wondering if is cat insurance worth it, here's the big plus. The policy will cover almost all expenses. That is, you will not have to look for funds to pay for treatment and worry about your furry friend's health. 

Fifth. The best service for your pet

Cons of insurance

Do not forget about the disadvantages of pet insurance.

First. High payouts for old favorites

The older the animal, the more health problems it has. This significantly increases the costs of the veterinarian. Because of this, insurance companies set a relatively high level of payments.

Second. Payment in advance

To use the insurance, you will have to pay the cost of the franchise. To avoid unexpected expenses, you should reserve funds for the vet, even if you have taken out a policy.

The third. The policy does not cover all diseases

It should be borne in mind that you cannot receive compensation for all expenses. For example, if you have personal injury insurance, you will not be reimbursed for treatment in case of poisoning.

The fourth. Limits

It should be remembered that insurance has limitations. But it can be spent by changing the policy limit.

Fifth. Quite a large expense

If you're wondering whether is pet insurance worth the cost, take a sober look at your financial situation. Sometimes the payouts can be pretty high. But if you visit the vet regularly, the policy will help compensate for a certain percentage of the costs.

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