Motorcycle Insurance Explained

Following the current legislation, vehicle owners can insure their iron horses against various risks. If everything is clear with cars, then the owners of motor vehicles sometimes face difficulties. For people who have the means but do not have time to ensure their motorcycle, it is easier to contact a reliable insurance broker, an intermediary who will select the most advantageous insurance option for you. Most owners of motorcycles prefer to solve this issue on their own. However, the motorcycle insurance guide makes it easier to do it.

Do you need motorcycle insurance?

Numerous bike owners ask themselves do I need motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is a must. In addition, before buying a two-wheeled horse, you should carefully study the nuances of acquiring a policy. Pay attention that not all insurance companies that operate in the country carry out motor vehicle insurance.

It is because the number of accidents involving motorcyclists is higher than with car owners. And this leads to increased costs for insurance companies. And it's much easier to steal a motorcycle than a car.

There is some vital point about how does motorcycle insurance work. Some companies insure only new motorcycles, but even there, they often set severe restrictions on engine size, the minimum price of a bike, and others.

When buying motorcycle insurance, you can insure your freshly bought two-wheeled friend against the following risks:

  • damage as a result of an accident;

  • illegal actions of third parties;

  • natural disasters;

  • theft, theft;

  • accident.

After watching this video, you can see the apparent benefits of insurance.

Types of insurance

Numerous people wonder what type of motorcycle insurance should i get. There are such common types:

Type of Coverage

What it covers

Liability insurance

Pays for any harm and losses you bring to other people.

Guest passenger liability

In the event that you cause an accident, covers your passenger's medical costs.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

Covers medical costs in the event that someone hits you but has little or no liability insurance to pay for the claims.

Medical payments (MedPay)

Regardless of who caused the collision, covers the cost of the medical care.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

Covers your injuries and those of your passenger, regardless of who caused the collision. It also pays missed income and substitute services for work you are unable to do.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Numerous people are concerned about the cost of insurance. The state sets tariffs, so their increase by a particular company is unlawful. You can figure out the exact amount by calling any company where you will calculate the cost of motorcycle insurance, depending on the vehicle's characteristics. The calculation of the price depends on:

  • the age of the driver;

  • driving experience;

  • the purpose of using the motorcycle (sports or personal use);

  • whether this company previously insured the bike or not.

Significant savings will be the purchase of a policy not for a whole year but, for example, for six months, that is, for a season. Whether to spend the saved money on purchasing a complete policy or something else, each motorcycle owner decides for himself.

Motorcycle insurance requirements

Before getting recommended motorcycle insurance coverage, the first thing to do is pass a check-up on the motorcycle. At a licensed service station, you will be given a diagnostic assessment checklist, the data of which will be entered into an automated database. Without this checklist, it is impossible to issue a policy.

To pass the check-up, the motorcycle must have:

  • serviceable wheels and steering;

  • clean and clear license plates;

  • adjusted headlights;

  • tires corresponding to the current season.

  • if the bike has instruments and accessories that are not included in the package, they must be approved.

You will have several weeks to fix technical problems. As a rule, inspection points also offer the service of issuing a policy.

Documents for motorcycle insurance

Before figuring out how to get motorcycle insurance, remember that obtaining a motorcycle policy is not always a piece of cake and is no different from the procedure for car insurance. To insure your vehicle, you need to come to the office with the following documents:

  • A motor vehicle certificate of title is an analog of a citizen's passport. It contains the technical characteristics of a motorcycle, identification number, year of manufacture, information about owners, and registration.

  • Vehicle registration certificate — a document is containing primary data about the motorcycle (year of manufacture, VIN, engine size, date of registration with the traffic police).

  • A driver's license with a mark of admission to driving a category A vehicle. If someone else is included in the insurance besides the owner, everyone's certificates are needed. The rights do not need to be indicated if available insurance is issued.

  • A citizen's passport must conclude an insurance contract with an individual. Suppose the owner of the vehicle and the policyholder are different people. In that case, both passports will be required, and a notarized power of attorney confirming the policyholder's right to act on behalf of the owner.

  • Diagnostic assessment checklist — a document confirming the vehicle is in good condition. All cars and motorcycles over three years old must undergo periodic technical inspection at licensed sites.

This list of documents for motorcycle insurance is regulated by law. Therefore, the insurer does not have the right to require the provision of additional pieces of paper.

If you decide to buy a motorcycle, think about getting motorcycle insurance. Read all the conditions that will help you get the contract with the most negligible loss.

Be prepared for the cost of the insurance contract, which the insurance agent can announce to you, and study the details of drawing up this contract. Motorcycle insurance is a rather laborious process.

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