How to Buy a Motorcycle: A Guide to New and Used Bikes

A two-wheeled bike allows you to make life mobile, intense, and extreme and, as a rule, has better handling at high speed than a moped. In modern megalopolises and cities, the number of cars has increased significantly, and traveling by car is now a laborious, expensive, and sometimes very time-consuming process. That is why many people are rediscovering this mode of transport as one of the most efficient in the world and are looking for the best way to buy motorcycle.

How to decide which motorcycles to buy?

Starting a guide to buying a motorcycle with classification is vital. The concept of motorcycles today is pervasive. Therefore, to make it easier for a beginner to understand their types, there is a conditional, generally accepted classification:

  • Classic road bike. It has a relatively simple design, is very easy to use, and is the go-for choice for beginners. Such a motorcycle can be used for a long ride. There are many standards and classic models online, so if you want to buy motorcycle but at the same time at an affordable price, it is better to surf the Internet.

  • Touring motorcycle. It belongs to the classic models, also designed for comfortable long trips. Usually, its cost is higher, while acceleration time and speed are strong indicators when buying a motorbike. Most of all, tourist motorcycles are suitable for trips outside the city, where there are no barriers and restrictions.

  • Enduro. This type of motorcycle is characterized by high endurance. They are suitable for off-road trips. Enduro motorcycles typically have subtypes. They can be motocross, touring, or trial. Enduro and cross bikes are the most popular in our online store, as they are suitable for different road conditions and have good power ratings. Often customers ask themselves, “How much does an enduro bike cost?”. The good news is that frequently their cost is practically the same as the classic models, but the technical characteristics and functionality are noticeably different.

  • Sportbike. These models are most regularly used in competitions. Their primary purpose is to participate in races. But many models of sports bikes can be used as universal ones; they are great for getting around the city and trips over medium and long distances. The advantage is the security system used for this type of motorcycle.

Eminent manufacturers are responsible for the quality because the price tag for their motorcycles will be higher. Also, the cost of a bike is proportional to the characteristics and capabilities of the equipment.

What should be the benefits

If you want to know how to buy motorcycle — new or used one, remember it must have the following characteristics:

  • Maneuverability: a vital advantage both in the city and beyond.

  • Economy: the weight and size of the motorcycle are pretty small, which positively affects fuel consumption.

  • Low purchase price.

  • Simplicity and low cost of service and repair.

  • Dimensions: motorcycles are small in size, requiring much less space to store than a car.

In this video, you can find out more about the intricacies of buying a motorcycle.

The subtleties of buying a used motorcycle

If it came to an inspection of a bike - evaluate its appearance. There are times when one glance is enough, and it immediately becomes clear to you that this motorcycle is not worth dealing with:

  • Inspect all light fixtures and the visible part of the wiring. It should not have extraneous devices and electrical tape.

  • Inspect the gas tank. There should be no rust inside. A rusty tank can clog the fuel system.

  • Pay special attention to the motorcycle frame if you want to buy a motorcycle. Put it straight and look in front to see if the wheels are clearly in line. If not, then the bike is curved. Also, inspect the frame for new non-factory welds. In case of curvature or additional frame welding, we recommend that you refuse the proposed motorcycle — it is not safe.

  • See if the steering wheel is symmetrical. The remotes must be intact. If the steering wheel is bent, not everything may be in order with the rest of the details.

Traverses and feathers must be even. There must be no scuffs, abrasions, or corrosion on the mirror of feathers. What condition are the seals in, lift the anthers. There should be no traces of oil under them. Squeeze the plug if you hear a knock — this is not good. If the oil seals are worn out, and as a result, the fork in oil is not a problem — it can be replaced.

Summing Up

Numerous motorcycle buying guides can help you make a decision. A profitable purchase of a motorcycle is, first of all, compliance with reality and expectations. Finding a suitable model for its price is powers and time spent on preparation and search. The motorcycle you are looking for may be in a neighboring city or appear on sale in a month. As experienced bike owners say: all good things come to he who waits.

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