Do You Need a Motorcycle License?

Numerous people wonder do you need a motorcycle license. If there are no questions about the availability of a license for drivers of 4-wheeled vehicles, then misunderstandings often arise regarding driving two-wheeled vehicles. Scooter and motorbike drivers tend to make short trips without proper licenses. Moreover, often, they are sure that they do not need a license for this. However, according to the laws, to ride a moped, and even more so a motorcycle, you have to have a driver's license of the appropriate category. Therefore, to figure out do you have to have a driver's license to get a motorcycle license and other vital questions, keep on reading.

What license is needed to drive a motorcycle

Firstly, bear in mind that you need to have a license to drive a motorcycle. If you are wondering can you buy a motorcycle without a license, the answer is no, and you can't. To ride a motorcycle, you must have a permit. Consequently, riding a motorcycle is officially allowed only after age eighteen. Leaving on the road, the motorcycle driver must have a passport and the necessary documents for his iron friend. Without a motorcycle license, you are not allowed to drive it, and for this, you need to undergo special training at a motorcycle or driving school.

Category "A" license gives the driver the right to drive a motorcycle. They are one of the easiest to obtain. Motorcycles with small engines and mopeds are available for riding from the age of 16 but only with open categories M or A1. Powerful motorcycles and motorcycles with a sidecar can be driven from the age of 18. Training is more accessible for those who know the road rules or already have an open category B.

How the training goes

If you wonder, can you get a motorcycle license without a driver's license — yes, you might, but it would be easier if you had one. There are various phases to learning to ride a motorbike. Understanding the road laws is the first step for all types of driver's licenses. Driving schools and independent study are viable options for acquiring the necessary knowledge to pass the traffic police exam. 

The next step is becoming a motorbike driver. Multiple new riders find the motorbike terrifying since high-speed falls or crashes can result in injury.

Consequently, it is better to approach the exam with practical experience. Riding around the city on a two-wheeled horse at your disposal is not the best option, where learning to ride a motorcycle is fraught with either an accident or an administrative penalty from traffic police officers. If all the exams are passed successfully, the student will soon become a full-fledged motorcyclist with a category A driver's license. If there are difficulties in the exams, a retake is scheduled.

What vehicles can be driven

After completing the training for category A, it is allowed to drive the following vehicles:

  • Two-wheeled motorcycles.

  • Motorcycle with an engine of more than 50 cm3.

  • Motorcycle with speed from the manufacturer — more than 45 km / h.

  • Motorcycle with over 15 kilowatts.

  • Bike with symmetrical wheels or with an engine capacity of more than 50 cm3 and a utmost speed of more than 45 km/h.

With the help of this video, you can learn more about the intricacies of obtaining a license.

Which motorcycles do not require a license and registration by law

Numerous young people wonder do I need a motorcycle license; you should remember that there are only a few vehicles that don't require you to get a permit. Following the law, a driver's license is not necessary to operate motorcycle equipment whose power ratings are less than those required for category "M" requirements. People asking do you need a license to drive a motorcycle should remember that in 2022, a license is not necessary to drive the following motorcycle vehicles:

  • cross-country motorcycles that cannot be ridden on public roads;

  • snowmobiles that can only travel on snow; 

  • an ATV when driving over rough terrain, a tractor license may be required here (from 16 years old);

  • a bicycle with a removable low-power internal combustion engine;

  • mono-wheels — you can ride them only on particular bike paths, equated to bicycles; outside the sidewalk, they are correlated to mopeds.

It is allowed to travel on the vehicles described above without any documents. In addition, they are not required to register with the traffic police.


Don't waste your time asking if you can drive a motorcycle with a permit and not apply for a license. A bike is a severe and dangerous vehicle, so a permit is required to ride it. Therefore, before you buy a motorcycle, be sure to get trained and get all the necessary documents. Figure out what license a bike needs and what threatens its absence.

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