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The primary source of financial companies' resources is funds raised from citizens and legal entities. Banks are developing various programs, offering to open deposits, deposits, and savings accounts. The certificate of deposit also provides an opportunity to invest temporarily free money that is available on the client's current budget. It is intended for legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. The holder receives a profit in the form of interest, and the bank can place the certificate funds at its discretion. A certificate of deposit is a security that certifies the amount of the legal deposit made to the bank and the right of the depositor (certificate holder) to receive the deposit (deposit) amount and the interest stipulated in the certificate in the bank that issued the certificate, or in any branch of this bank after the expiration of the established period.

What is a certificate of deposit?

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a bank or credit union product that offers a higher interest rate in exchange for the consumer agreeing to keep a lump sum deposit undisturbed for a set time. Almost all consumer financial institutions offer them. Although each bank chooses the top cd conditions to provide, how much higher the rate will be relative to the bank's savings and money market products, and what penalties it would impose for early withdrawals.

To find the best deals on high-yield CDs, it's essential to look around because different financial institutions offer a surprisingly wide range. For example, your local bank could pay pennies for a long-term cd with a high yield, but an internet bank or a local credit union might pay three to five times the national average. Meanwhile, special promotions provide some of the most excellent rates, often for odd lengths such as 21 months rather than the more standard terms of 3, 6, or 18 months or in one-year increments.

Making a certificate of deposit is not much different from opening a deposit. But it is impossible to do this online — you can only deposit funds in cash in the deposit currency at the cash desk of a bank branch.

How does it work

It is the most famous and affordable financial instrument. In essence, by placing funds in a deposit account or purchasing the best CDs from the broker, the investor gives his funds to the bank of his choice for management. At the end of the term of the deposit agreement, the bank returns the investor his funds and pays the amount specified in the contract for the right to use the money, which is exposed as a percentage of the deposit. The high yield CD belongs to the category of fixed income financial instruments, i.e., the exact amount of income is known in advance, regardless of how successfully the investor's funds will be used. You can check out this video that will help you to understand the intricacies better.

Advantages of certificates of deposit

Deposit certificates have several advantages:

  • A certificate of deposit is an excellent tool for investing funds of legal entities. All banks set the minimum amount of the certificate of deposit, which is available to large enterprises and small businesses. Interest rates on such securities are desirable. In addition, the interest rate is permanently fixed, and funds are issued to the client at the time of repayment. Cashing out is fast and hassle-free.

  • The certificate can be transferred, assigned, donated, or bequeathed to another person.

  • Like most securities, the best certificate of deposit can be used for mutual settlements or as collateral for a loan.

Registration of the assignment of the right to claim is confirmed on the reverse side of the certificate. Most often, transactions for the purchase and sale of certificates are made in the same bank where they are issued.

Best rates

These banks provide favorable conditions and the highest rate on cd:


Minimum deposit (Member FDIC)

1-year APY

Capital One



Marcus by Goldman Sachs High-Yield



Discover Bank



Barclays Online



TIAA Bank Basic 



If the client withdraws money before the expiration date, he usually has to pay the penalty for interest earned for at least several months. But some providers have options without early withdrawal penalties for their high yield cd accounts, such as Marcus from Goldman Sachs or Ally Bank.

Redemption of certificates of deposit

The main difference between these securities and the usual best cd is the ability to transfer the document itself to another person, who gets the opportunity to withdraw the funds indicated in the paper, regardless of who they belong to.

Thus, the procedure for the redemption of these certificates is not particularly difficult. You need to present the certificate of deposit to the bank and demand the return of the funds indicated in the certificate.

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