What do you need to know about DoorDash?

DoorDash delivery is a great way to make some money. It is suitable for those who know how to drive and have free time. The class brings 15-25 dollars per hour. If you optimize your time and gain experience, you can get a solid amount.

Why should you consider DoorDash?

This earning option is suitable for those who have free time and want a relatively easy job. The main advantage of such a solution: you can work whenever you want. Let's take a closer look at all the benefits of driving with DoorDash.

Flexible work schedule

It is a big plus that allows you to combine DoorDash with your primary job. It is an ideal solution for those with irregular schedules or a remote profession. Times can be set in time free from projects.

You can work with DoorDash at any time. You can go on the route at 5 in the morning and 9 in the evening. What could be better?

Absence of the boss

Most people change jobs because of their boss. He can be very demanding, not giving days off or delaying wages. With DoorDash, you'll be your boss. It will be necessary to decide on the order and other details independently. That is, you perform only the work you consider the priority and the best.

The perfect solution for introverts

When you work at DoorDash, you won't have to talk much. No chatter with clients and colleagues. No one demands your attention or a story about how the weekend went.

When working at DoorDash, you have minimal interaction with customers. Of course, no one guarantees that a person will be satisfied with the order. But this is not your problem. If you brought the order on time, there are no complaints against you.

Easy work

There is nothing complicated about working at DoorDash. All you need to do is:

  • accept order;

  • pick it up in a café or restaurant;

  • deliver to the client.

It is it. You don't have to sit in front of a computer all day, solve other people's problems, or implement a sales plan. It is the most straightforward work. In addition, there is no need to learn new skills, which is a big plus.

Suitable for cyclists

Usually, DoorDash works by car. All you need is:

  • transport;

  • certification;

  • insurance.

As you can see, there is no provision for transport. It means that you can even work at DoorDash on a bicycle. In this way, you can combine physical activity and earnings.

If you decide to go to DoorDash with a bike, adequately assess your physical condition. Because when you work a lot in the first, your back, and legs will drown as much as possible. All this will repel any desires. Therefore, it is better to take several orders until you get used to the work.

Good pay

As mentioned above, DoorDash can earn between $15 and $25 in one hour. The cost depends only on your experience. Also, wages are affected by what orders you take and the size of the average check in the region.


Gradually, the amount of payment will increase. You will understand which orders are worth taking and which are better to refuse. If you're making $8 an hour at entry-level, don't worry. Over time, the payment will become higher.

Improving the level of income

The longer you work, the more you learn about the region and the order. It will help avoid confusion, traffic jams, restaurant delays, etc.

It is important to remember the peculiarities of catering establishments. If a cafe takes a long time to prepare food or uses poor packaging, it is better to avoid it. In case of failure, the client will direct negativity towards you. It can spoil not only the working day but also the reputation.

DoorDash lets you set your shipping costs. With some experience, you will learn to develop the indicators correctly. Over time, you will know how long it takes to deliver to a particular area. It will help to build a route correctly and allocate time wisely.

There are no restrictions or rules on how DoorDash works. You can take an order on the way from work or after a walk. Thus, you can earn as soon as there is a free minute.

It is worth noting that DoorDash can be combined with the main job. You can simultaneously accept orders in other services. It will significantly increase the amount of money from additional earnings.


Many people are concerned about whether it is safe to work with DoorDash. Yes, it is entirely secure. You do not have cash, and you choose which orders you will accept. If you consider an area dangerous, don't go there. On the road, you should follow the rules and drive carefully.


DoorDash is one way to make money. If you have a car or a bicycle, it is worth trying to accept several orders. It is a straightforward job that will help increase the budget.