What is RFID Blocking

Modern technologies make life many times more manageable. And shopping is no exception. Thanks to contactless payment, you can quickly purchase the necessary items and things. You must bring the card to the terminal and wait for it to be read. Many users are concerned about the security of their data. It is especially relevant for those who constantly use the card in their hometown and during travels.

RFID protection worries almost all card owners. If it only takes a few seconds to withdraw funds in a store, what prevents fraudsters from holding the terminal up to a bag or wallet to steal funds? To ensure the safety of money, let's consider what is RFID protection, whether are RFID wallets necessary and how effective these security measures are.

What is a card reader chip?

A small chip transmits information to a carrier using radio waves. First, you need to understand a little about chips. They are of two types:

  • active;

  • passive.

Passive chips are used in cards. Information is read at a short distance. Due to this, the card should be brought as close as possible to the terminal. Similar RFID shielding is used in bank cards and travel cards. Thus, information is read-only from one medium, and the airport ignores all other cards.

You should know that such chips are used in passports. Even if fraudsters steal the booklet with your data, replace the photo or rewrite the last name, the reader will show the accurate information.

Does my card have a chip?

To determine if RFID blocking is necessary, you need to know if the card supports the chip. It's straightforward to do. There is a Wi-Fi icon at the top of the plastic. It is he who indicates that contactless payment can be made.

In addition, it is easy to understand visually. The chip is placed on the card's side containing the number. It is a small rectangle of gold or silver color. You can change the design and set your images. But the chip will always be in its place.

It should be noted that almost all companies issue cards with the possibility of contactless payment. If your carrier does not have one, you can reissue the card. You need to visit the nearest bank branch and contact the manager.

How fraudsters can read information from a card

If it takes a few seconds to read a card in transport or a store, what prevents fraudsters from holding up the terminal to steal data? Let's figure out if RFID blocking is essential.

Information is transferred from the chip all the time. To read it, you only need to raise the terminal. But it is worth considering that the stand should be raised as close as possible. It looks pretty logical in the store. But it's strange when a person approaches you on the street and stays as close as possible. In addition, to read data from a passive chip, you need to bring the terminal up close. It is impossible to do it unnoticed.

But if you use a stand with a robust antenna? You should know that the cards only transmit information about the account number and the owner's name. Codes and advanced information are incredible to read. It is why you don't need an RFID blocker.

Most chip card companies use variable encryption technologies. With each use, a new cipher is created for the information. Even if fraudsters steal data, it will not be possible to use it.

What are the security features of the chip

Now they are actively promoting card protection using RFID shield. There are unique holders, wallets, and bags. People even buy clothes that protect bank cards.

Faraday plates are used in these subjects. These are thin pieces of metal that prevent the waves from reading information. They redirect the reading waves to the entire card surface, preventing them from accessing the chip.

At first glance, the RFID block will help save money and information from being stolen. But it will be cheaper to put a piece of foil in the wallet, which will act the same way.

How often information is stolen through chips in cards

Despite all the chaos surrounding chip cards, it is almost impossible to get important information. When you already know what is RFID blocking and how it works, you can not worry about the data of your accounts.

As statistics show, phone thefts occur more often. You should not tell anyone the card number, codes, and answers to control questions. Plus, it would help if you did not open e-mails from unknown senders.

If you feel more comfortable with a unique wallet that will protect against theft, you can purchase one. But it would help if you did not buy a backpack or amazing pants. They are unlikely to be stylish, and as practice shows, stealing information through a chip is impossible.