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Colonel Penny invites you to carefully read the topics of financial management, medical care, and insurance topics. On the site, you can get recommendations from experts in each industry. All publications are updated regularly. You will learn more about your rights and options, which will help you manage your finances better.

Who are we?

Colonel Penny is where you can get up-to-date information on various topics related to insurance, major maintenance, mortgage lending, and bank accounts. Here you will find expert advice from experienced professionals in multiple industries, which can be an important decision. We use every possible practice and ingenuity to identify a wide distribution without terminology. Our task is to convey critical information that deserves attention to the citizens.

Every month, our readers can get acquainted with advisers' features, interests, and thoughts. We create genuinely savvy, engaging, and exciting content that will interest everyone for general educational purposes. On our site, you will find publications of different categories sorted by topic. Value with a list to find meaningful and valuable information for yourself. 

What are we doing?

We are doing important things, providing our visitors with beneficial information of high quality. Only here you read simple and understandable advice on saving your savings or taking a good loan. Our website has the following categories:

  • Automobile insurance. We will tell you everything about the existing types of insurance and help you choose a profitable auto insurance program that will save your annual costs.

  • Life insurance. On the site, you will find publications with different types of life insurance, which differ in costs and other features. You can carefully read all the expert recommendations to choose a working insurance option for yourself.

  • Mortgage. Here you will find information about how best to get a mortgage. The site has information on refinancing a mortgage loan for the most straightforward and fastest repayment of your debt to the creditor.

  • Work with bad debts. Here you will find detailed information on how to take and repay loans without compromising your financial situation. We provide the most accurate and verified information for our readers. Every year we check all the data to guarantee the quality.

  • Bank accounts. We will help you manage your money, set up a business, and optimize costs. Here you will find all the information about savings and credit cards.

The easy site navigation will help you quickly find what you want to know. Take advantage of the available functionality to read the most interesting right now. 

What is our mission?

The colonelpenny.com editorial staff is your online advisor in solving many life problems that can be difficult to cope with on your own. At the same time, not every citizen can afford professional advice from a lawyer. Our portal was created so you can access all relevant information related to your finances at a minimal cost.

Our mission is to give you beneficial advice in solving credit, property, and life insurance problems. All our recommendations are time-tested, and content is created by qualified personnel with extensive experience and knowledge, allowing you to get accurate and verified first-hand information.

The Colonel Penny site is one of the largest on the Internet, where complete expert information is presented. You can always go to the catalog to read new publications. You can also keep track of information about recent publications on our social networks. We are always happy to provide you with only the information that will benefit you.